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Descendants of Thomas Derrick


4. THOMAS 2 DERRICK (GEORGE 1 ) was born March 31, 1808 in Eastington & Alkerton (Bible), and died Aft. 1880 in Norwich , New London , Conneticut. He married (1) MARY. She was born December 1819 in Bath , Somerset , England , and died Aft. 1900 in Norwich , New London , Conneticut. He married (2) ELIZA WILKINS July 20, 1828 in Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire. She was born 1810 in Leonard Stanley, and died 1842.

Thomas, his wife and three daughters emigrated to America aboard the ship called 'The City of London', they departed from Liverpool and arrived in New York on the 23 December 1869. They settled in Hardwick, Worcester , Massachusetts . This is the same community his brother James and his family are living in during the census of 1870. In 1880 they have moved to Norwich , New London , Connecticut , also living in the same street are his niece Sarah Derrick and her husband Amos Hobbs with their young family.

More About THOMAS DERRICK: Christening: April 28, 1808, Eastington & Alkerton


Children of THOMAS DERRICK and MARY are:


i. ELIZA 3 DERRICK, b. 1855, Stonehouse, Gloucester ; d. Bef. 1900, Conneticut.


ii. MARY A DERRICK, b. 1857, Stonehouse, Gloucester .


iii. ALICE DERRICK, b. 1861, Stonehouse, Gloucester ; d. Aft. 1930, Norwich , New London , Conneticut.




iv. WILLIAM HENRY 3 DERRICK, b. 1829, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire; d. August 16, 1829, Leonard Stanley.

More About WILLIAM HENRY DERRICK: Christening: January 25, 1829, Leonard Stanley


v. MARY ANNA DERRICK, b. 1831, Leonard Stanley.

More About MARY ANNA DERRICK: Christening: January 23, 1831, Leonard Stanley


vi. ALFRED DERRICK, b. 1833, Leonard Stanley.

More About ALFRED DERRICK: Christening: December 01, 1833, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire


vii. EPHRAIM DERRICK, b. 1834, Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire.

More About EPHRAIM DERRICK: Christening: April 06, 1834, Leonard Stanley


12. viii. HARRIET WILKINS DERRICK, b. 1837, Leonard Stanley.


ix. EMMA JANE DERRICK, b. 1843, Leonard Stanley, Gloucester .


This person is confusing, she first appears on the 1869 ship register has having travelled with her father Thomas Derrick and the rest of his family to America on the ship 'The City of London', she arrived in New York on the 23 Dec 1869 but does not appear with the family six months later on the 1860 census. It is also unclear as to who her mother is, a death date for an Eliza Derrick is shows that she died in 1842 so if this is the same person as Eliza Wilkins Derrick it would not be possible for her to be her mother, also the 1851 census shows that Thomas Derrick was a widower living on his own in 1851 so where was she then.